Affordable Roofing Price from BH Houston Roofing in Houston

The average price for replacing a roof in the Houston, Texas is about $8,318 dollars. However, every house is different. For instance, if a home owner contacts us after a bad storm and reports water leaking inside the house through the Sheetrock in multiple areas, we can expect that the plywood will need to be replaced, the Sheetrock will need to be replaced and any other damage that may occur. The insurance company will work with us if we find any damage made that is missed by the insurance adjuster as they allow for supplements after the work as began. Also, if you have damage or water leak the insurance company will re reimburse you immediately if you provide a receipt for the blue tarps to cover roof to stop water from further damage. Please contact us as this can be dangerous and must be done properly.

A special note for anyone who does not live in Texas

Below are Texas prices that are significantly below the national average. Texas has no licensing and huge population of low-end contractors that keep prices in this market very low, even for quality contractors doing things the right way.

Trend – Material prices are trending up.  Both asphalt and labor shortages for drivers are causing upward pressure.  The current market in Gulf Coast is softer as no major storm has hit the area as on June 1, 2018.


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