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Patio Covers in Houston TX

Spending time outdoors in perfect weather is a dream. But in Texas, sometimes the sun gets little too intense and can ruin your outdoor plans.Thankfully, BH Houston Roofing has a perfect solution! High-quality, waterproof patio covers in Houston, can keep you outdoors longer, without the fatigue of too much sun—or the sunburns that come with it!

Comprehensive Houston Patio Services

As a roofing company, we know what makes a good patio cover. Patios are the perfect place to relax, entertain, and spend time with friends and family. If your home doesn’t have a patio cover to protect against the sun, maybe it’s time to invest in one?

At BH Houston Roofing, we can design and build a custom patio cover to suit your home and landscape. Our comprehensive patio services can protect you from the rain and sunshine, anytime of the year!

Patio Installation

Of course, like our comprehensive roofing installation services, BH Houston Roofing does not skimp on patio installation. We only use high-quality, tested materials to complete a patio installation job. Once your new patio cover is installed, we’ll test the entire system to be sure our personal quality standards were upheld. You’ll immediately notice the difference between a professional installation and amateur one.

Why Choose Us

Over the years, countless homeowners and local businesses have turned their attention to BH Houston Roofing. Why? Because of the level of service we offer. We’re not your fly-by-night roofing company. We’re a part of this community, and we’re here to help local property owners with their roofing and patio cover needs anytime!

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Handling everything from a new roof installation, restoration and maintenance to re-roofs and repairs, we are a full-service roofing company. We also provide convenient maintenance programs, extended warranties and simply great customer service, confirming your satisfaction and safeguarding long-term performance of your home’s roof. When you need a dependable Roofing Company Near You, call us for an immediate free estimate.

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